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Summer Sale | Free Shipping on All US Orders

About Us

Our beliefs

  • “Clothing loved by kids” > “Clothing loved by parents"
  • Natural materials are necessary for safety and comfort.
  • Modernity and simplicity are key.

Our story

About us imageLike most teenagers, when she was young Emily didn't know her true calling. After realizing medical school wasn’t working out, Emily immersed herself in the fashion industry. She graduated from Columbia University in NYC and earned an MBA in fashion business; then she immediately started working for a series of fashion firms including Revolve and The RealReal. Emily loved what she was doing and enjoyed helping women (including herself) lead happier, more beautiful lives with her fashion.

Things changed for Emily when she became a mom. She was spending more time thinking about kids' clothing than her own. Emily found the kids' fashion world to be wildly different from the fashion world of adults. Since kids can't shop for themselves, their clothing is chosen from their parents' perspective rather than their own. But what makes parents happy doesn't necessarily make kids happy. Emily believes this isn't right. Aside from providing warmth and comfort, Emily says the most important function of clothing is to make the wearer happy - this is where our mission 'Dress Happy' comes from. 

After having a hard time finding playful designs with affordable prices, clothes that were truly loved by kids, Emily decided to curate an online boutique that helps parents easily discover clothing their kids will love too. That's how Little in Modern was born. 

After working and studying in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, Emily finally settled in beautiful San Francisco. She enjoys life there with her husband and two kids, and spends her time at Little in Modern helping you and your little ones Dress Happy too.