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Summer Sale | 40% OFF Sitewide | FREE Shipping on All US Orders
Summer Sale | Free Shipping on All US Orders

Reward Program

Shopping Has Never Been This Rewarding!

Earn $10 Gift Card when you spend $50+

Earn $20 Gift Card when you spend $100+


Q: How to get a gift card with my order?

A: It will be automatically added to your cart if you shop $50+ or $100+. Really effortless!


Q: What if I don't see the gift card in my cart?

A: Don't Worry! If you keep updating your cart, the gift card may not show correctly in some circumstances. But for all the qualified orders, we will issue the gift card within 2 hours after the order is fulfilled.


Q: How to use the gift card?

A: Ta-Da! You can simply apply the gift card in your next order. 


Q: Can I apply multiple gift cards in one order? Can I apply one gift card in multiple orders?

A: Yes! Gift card is treated as 'cash' in our website. Use it just like cash.


Q: Can I combine gift card promotion with other promotions? Can I use gift card while other promotion codes are applied?

A: Yes! Gift card promotion is a standalone promotion. You can still apply other promotion code while getting free gift card at the same time. Double Rewards!

Since gift card is treated as 'cash', you can use a gift card towards the order balance regardless other promotion code has been applied or not. 


Q: Can I still earn free gift card when applying a gift card?

A: Yes! Gift card is treated as a method of payment, there is no conflict between earning it and applying it in the same order.

For example, you got a $10 gift card with a $50+ order yesterday. Today you can still earn another $10 gift card if you shop $50+ even if you apply the gift card earned yesterday. Therefore actually this time the net spend for earning a  $10 gift card is only $40! 

Have Fun with your shopping here!